Club Evans RSL proudly sponsoring our Youth

As part of the criteria for applicants of The Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge is the following paragraph: 'The opportunity to participate in a trek across the Kokoda Trail is a privilege akin to a $6,500+ Scholarship. Participants should therefore understand that it is not a prize, or a gift or a right - it is a privileged opportunity to develop personal leadership skills based on the values our Kokoda Veterans held dearly - these include personal discipline, mutual respect, trust, mateship, courage and self-sacrifice.'

The moment we announced that both lads could go.

Our 2 Candidates

The 2 candidates that Club Evans RSL and Woodburn Evans Head RSL Sub Branch chose, Stephen Kennedy and Brodie Forsyth have shown that they are worthy candidates.

Both lads were subjected to a full interview with the Board of Directors. The interviews placed the Board in a dilemma as both lads presented with the same passion and moral stamina to be worthy candidates.

We couldn't split them!

President John Fredricksen took the decision-pending to the Sub Branch at their weekly Wednesday Coffee Club Meeting. The Sub Branch said it was a no-brainer and that they would put up the money, one way or another, so that both boys would be able to participate.

A massive thanks to the RSL Sub Branch and all the old boys that threw in their own cash so that two of our young Evans Head men instead of one could make this challenge. We are so incredibly proud of our diggers, who through their own challenges already meet any criteria you care to apply.

To help cover 'out of pocket' expenses, or if you want to make a contribution toward the journey for both our young men, we will be setting up a 'Donate Now' button on our Facebook page or donations kindly accepted at the Reception of Club Evans RSL. (All funds will be handled by the Sub Branch Committee)

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